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Stuttgarter Flugdienst merges business operations with B-Air

+++ Charter company with 12 jets and a comprehensive service is formed - location at Stuttgart airport will be secured - merger is part of the restructuring of the EHEIM group of companies - further investors sought +++

In February 2016, charter companies B-Air and Stuttgarter Flugdienst GmbH merged to form one company - SFD GmbH. SFD will take over the business operations of the smaller B-Air company with the majority of the shares being retained by the EHEIM group of companies, based in Deizisau (Esslingen area), who held 100% of the SFD shares until the merger in February. Mr. Stefan Bendl, founder of B-Air, will become one of the managing directors and Mr. Armin Luczkowski, managing director of the EHEIM group of companies, will remain on the SFD management team.

The new charter company, based at Stuttgart airport, will start with a fleet of 12 jets of varying size and range. Mr. Bendl explained: "The fleet comprises of jets from the Cessna Citation series - CJ up to XLS - as well as both the Gulfstream G280 and Legacy 600 jets. We have formed something new that was not available in either fleet size or this location - until now".

Due to the merger, the newly formed SFD will be in a position to offer a more comprehensive service to both the core customers of the original SFD - medium and large enterprises from the Southern regions of Germany - as well as private and business (former) B-Air customers from the brokerage industry.

Mr. Bendl stated: "The requirements of our customers are interlinked, with our business customers travelling through Europe from Monday to Friday and our private customers primarily booking a jet at the weekend. As a result of this, the planes will be more efficient and operate at a higher capacity".

The merging of business operations with B-Air was part of the reorientation of the EHEIM group of companies. The main holding company comprises of - for historical reasons - different business sectors which have now been re-organised and consolidated. Mr. Armin Luczkowski stated: "With this merger we ensure the continued existence of a long established company at the Stuttgart location. We have established a company with a promising future, something that is unique in Southern Germany, that will continue the legacy of the EHEIM group of companies. The principle of the company - quality "Made in Germany" - will continue into the future.

The newly formed SFD will continue to offer individual charter flights as well as a technical service where the technicians can maintain, repair and carry out mandatory servicing for jets from companies like Cessna and Embraer. SFD also offers other services such as flight planning and can, for anyone who has their own aircraft, offer a professional management contract. Mr. Bendl explained: "This was, and will continue to be, part of the SFD business model". Private individuals can bring their jets to the company and have access to the full SFD services. A further option is to fly their aircraft when convenient and let SFD charter it when it is not in private use.

In the past, B-Air relied on an investment strategy and this will continue under SFD. Investors buy an airplane, place it at the disposal of the company and "SFD will manage everything else" Mr. Bendl explained. The charter company operates the jet and transfers the investment return to the owner. Mr. Bendle stated: "We intend to further expand the business and are actively looking for future investors". Buying jets is an exciting investment.

EHEIM: The EHEIM-Aquaristik company was founded in 1949 by the engineer and pilot Gunther EHEIM and is a major European brand for aquariums, filters, pump systems and other aquatic accessories. The company is a global leader in the external filter market and exports products to more than 60 countries. The foundations of the different business sectors, under the EHEIM group of companies, can be attributed to two of Gunther EHEIM's hobbies - aquariums and airplanes. Since Mr. EHEIM's death in 2013, the group - with about 1,000 employees worldwide - has been managed and directed by Mr. Armin Luczkowski.

SFD: Stuttgarter Flugdienst GmbH, founded in 1956, started its business by offering flights to sightseers and aerial photographers. During the "economic miracle" the demand for individual business flights increased and became the main source of business for SFD. In the 1980's, the flight service was acquired by EHEIM and, with the merger with B-Air, now concentrates on the business and executive charter sector.

Personal details:

Armin Luczkowski, born in 1969, was appointed chief Managing Director of the EHEIM group, based in Deizisau, in 2013. Mr. Luczkowski and Mr. Bendl are the joint managing directors of SFD. Prior to his time at EHEIM GmbH & Co. KG, Mr. Luczkowski was CEO of Viessmann Kältetechnik AG in Hof for seven years. He started his career as manager at INTERPANE Glasgesellschaft mbH & Co. in Lauenförde and Plattling, where he worked first as assistant to the board and then advanced to the position of authorized signatory and finally to managing director.

Personal details:

Stefan Bendl, new joint Managing Director of SFD. Mr. Bendl is a skilled banker and has a degree in business administration (FH). The 37 year old lives in Filderstadt, has a pilot's licence for the Citation jets and for a Beechcraft King Air. He is an enthusiastic pilot and owns a single-engined Piper.

B-Air: Stefan Bendl founded the B-Air company in 2009, renting airplanes to people who liked to pilot themselves and offered investors the option to buy airplanes. In 2012 B-Air became an airline company with an official license. In February 2016, B-Air merged with SFD.

The company in figures:

Turnover 201513,5 Mio. Euro3 Mio. Euro
Fleet size8 jets4 jets

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